SoCS 2012


SoCS 2012

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SoCS 2012: The Fifth Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search

Awards at SoCS'12

The organizers of the Fifth Symposium on Combinatorial Search are proud to announce that there will be three awards presented this year:

  • Best paper award. The paper chosen to receive this award will also be presented at AAAI'12 (thanks to the organizers of AAAI!).
    The paper selected to receive this award is "Meta-agent Conflict-Based Search For Optimal Multi-Agent Path Finding," by Guni Sharon, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner and Nathan Sturtevant.

  • Best student paper award. A student has to be the first author on a paper in order to be considered for this award.
    The paper selected to receive this award is "Better Parameter-free Anytime Search by Minimizing Time Between Solutions," by Jordan T. Thayer, J. Benton and Malte Helmert.

  • Best Programme Committee member. This award recognizes the PC member whose efforts to maintain the quality of the reviewing process at SoCS were outstanding.
    This year, Ethan Burns was selected to receive this award.