What are the different kinds of lightsaber?

If you are passionate about the famous saga Star Wars, you might surely have noticed their unique lightsabers. Whether you are fond of cosplay or sabers' battles, you will definitely appreciate it if somebody gives you the opportunity to actually find these lightsabers. That said, if you are ready to get started with an interstellar adventure, you are at the right address. Today's article is dedicated to help you get to know more about the different types of lightsaber. Let's dive in!

NeoPixel lightsabers

There are different sorts of lightsabers and the very first one is the NeoPixel lightsaber. Why should you choose this type of lightsaber? Actually, the NeoPixel lightsaber is exceptional due to its characteristics. First, its light is highly intensive and impressive as the plasma blade is super realistic. 
The system of the saber is designed so that it highlights the true colors of the machine. Here is more explanation about that. In fact, the technology that has been used to make the saber is sophisticated so that the lights will not turn to orange or pink if the lightsaber was originally red. This specific characteristic will definitely be a detail that Star Wars fans will appreciate. 
Apart from nice light effects, NeoPixel lightsabers integrate sounds that are unique to the Star Wars saga. You can even incorporate soundtracks to add more excitement and get in the mood. If you are looking for a galactic experience, NeoPixel lightsabers shall definitely fit you. It is a good acquisition to show off that you are a complete fan of the saga at cinematic events.

RGB LED lightsabers

If you are looking for a lightsaber that is easy to handle and use, RGB lightsabers — also known as RGB LED lightsabers — are made for you. As their name already depicts, RGB LED lightsabers are lighter than NeoPixel ones. However, those two share some points: they are perfect for realistic duels and integrate sound effects. 
In addition, even though the effects here are less impressive than the previous one, RGB lightsabers present a huge advantage due to their sturdiness. Indeed, they have a more robust and powerful blade which makes it more enjoyable to film your galactic videos.
Finally, the light effect of this type is designed in a way that whether you are in the dark or in the light, the lightsaber can easily be noticed. Plus, there are several colors that you can adjust at your convenience. These are red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and much more. As if this was not enough, the blades of the RGB LED lightsabers make a flash when they crash.

Lightsabers Toy

Even though sabers are made for real battles, some are especially made for younger fans of the Star Wars saga. As the previous models, they can have interesting characteristics that make them highly appreciated. In this category, you can find toy lightsabers, junior lightsabers, and many others.
Apart from these, you may also find luke lightsabers. The latters might be integrating sophisticated characteristics such as sounds and light effects, various colors and impressive blades. You may also find easy-to-use lightsabers in this range. 
In any case, you will not miss what you are looking for here. Skywalker lightsaber, Luke lightsaber, Anakin's lightsaber, etc. everything is made possible for you to enjoy your time as a fan of the epic saga!